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Court Approved parenting
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of children to divorce.

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Positive Parenting Through Divorce
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If you are interested in taking any of our court approved parenting classes, please look below to see what you will learn. Remember, being a positive parent starts when you take the course we offer. While it may be mandatory, divorce parenting courses are helpful as going through divorce is never easy on anyone involved. But, with the help of these divorce parenting courses the transition towards being a positive parent can be a smooth one.

In our court approved parenting classes you will learn the following:

  • How to discuss divorce with children

  • Designing a workable parenting plan

  • How to create a healthy home environment

  • Being a positive parent

  • Avoiding the most common parenting mistakes

  • Legal aspects of divorce

  • The most common step-family issues

  • Healthy communication & co-parenting skills

  • Typical child reactions and how to deal with them

  • Signs of abuse

  • Economic realities of divorce

  • Strategies for dealing with a difficult parent

  • What kids need to maintain stability

  • Help children through transition issues

  • To help your child adjust to two households

  • To manage your own emotional reactions

  • Resources for help

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