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Court approved Parenting
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being and healthy adjustment
of children to divorce.

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Positive Parenting Through Divorce
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 Court Approved

Although this is a court approved parenting class and accepted in many states, you should check with your local circuit court to make sure that an online course will meet the requirements for your county. If not, they should be able to supply you with a list of providers of the class in your area. 

Parenting Advice

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Many divorcing parents take a court approved parenting course to become better parents and to make sure they make good choices for their children. In addition, many states across the country are requiring divorcing parents with minor children to attend a certified divorce parenting class specifically designed to help them make healthy choices regarding their children. Positive Parenting Through Divorce can fulfill this requirement.  

Positive Parenting Through Divorce is a comprehensive, easy to complete and court approved parenting class designed by and continually updated by a team of mental health professionals. Since these are certified divorce parenting classes, a person will receive their certificate of completion as soon as the course is completed.

The Positive Parenting Through Divorce seminar explores co-parenting issues, children’s developmental stages, new relationships, step-family issues, healthy communication as well as some legal issues. Parents taking the course will also learn new skills for negotiation and how to avoid a negative divorce experience for themselves and their children. The goals of the course include reduced conflict, better communication, closer relationships between parents and children, reduced stress, and better adjustment throughout the different stages of the divorce process. 
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*Although this is a court approved parenting course in several circuit courts and accepted across the country, you should check with your attorney or your local circuit court to make sure that an online course will fulfill the requirement for the mandatory parenting class in your county.

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